Basic facial (60 min.) – $70
As the foundation of every facial we offer, our Basic facial is the classic approach in sustaining a clear and renewed complexion for all skin types. This treatment comprises of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and a gentle extracting process for the skin as well as a mild high frequency treatment that helps thoroughly cleanse and remove bacteria from the skin. To conclude the refreshing journey, enjoy a cold mask specific to your skin type - hydrating, brightening, anti-wrinkle or oily skin - with a relaxing signature massage. It's the ideal go-to service for any individual to revive and cleanse one's skin.

Ultrasonic facial (75 min.) – $95
With our vitalizing ultrasonic treatment, the Ultrasonic facial uses a serum fit for your skin type to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your complexion, giving it a natural glow. The facial includes all the features of our original Basic facial but adds an ultrasonic treatment that helps improve circulation flow with an enhanced skin-specific serum. Treat yourself to an invigorating experience and let your inner beauty shine.

Signature Facial (75 min.) -$135
Gold is not only marveled for its alluring beauty and color in accessories, but also for its amazing anti-aging and renewing properties. This signature facial includes a 24-karat gold infused serum and mask that will help renew skin cells, reduce skin inflammation, and tighten the skin. This treatment includes all the cleansing properties of the basic facial, and will leave you with glowing, revitalized skin. Pamper yourself with the rejuvenating benefits of this golden escape.

Regeneration Facial (80 min.) - $135
Our popular Regeneration Facial includes all the benefits of our Basic Facial plus a gentle deep exfoliating Clinical Peel and a circulation boosting Ultrasonic treatment with skin-specific enriched serum. The result is a comprehensive deep cleanse and a renewed complexion. Your face will utterly glow after this signature pampering.

Gentlemen's facial (60 min.) –$70
A custom-designed treatment to suit a man's needs, our Gentlemen's facial revives and tones the skin with the benefits offered in the Basic facial. To guarantee your comfort, our aestheticians use gentle extracting methods to attend to the inimical effects of shaving; examples such as razor irritation and ingrown hairs. Relax and enjoy a facial uniquely designed for men and bring a handsome and healthy glow back to your skin.

Men’s Signature Facial (75 min.) – $135
An upgraded version of the Gentlemen’s facial, this men’s facial specifically focuses on anti-aging by diminishing wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. Besides having all the features of the Gentlemen’s facial, the service also comes with a Vitamin C serum with ultrasonic treatment and seaweed-enriched Algo mask to hydrate and even your skin tone. With this rejuvenating facial, your skin will undoubtedly look significantly younger and knock a couple years off your complexion.

Teen Facial (35 min.) - $45
This facial is targeted toward breakouts associated with adolescent skin. It consists of deep cleansing followed by gentle extractions, finishing with a cold mask to rehydrate skin and eliminate any oily particles. Teens will also be taught the importance of skincare during the facial. (For Teenage 16 or under.)

Special Acne Facial (75 min.) – $110
A facial distinctly designed to treat blemishes and acne, our Acne Clarifying facial will erase pimples and cleanse your skin while also unclogging your pores and balancing your skin tone. A medicated acne control serum performed with the ultrasonic treatment helps control acne, regulate sebum (or skin oil) and minimize blemish formation. The result is a renewed and even complexion and with every treatment, you will notice your skin become exceptionally clearer and more cleansed.

Organic Facial (75 min.) - $135
Our organic facial is made up of natural ingredients including a variety of edible nutrients that help maintain a healthy look for your skin. Certain ingredients include avocado which is rich in vitamins and helps reduce wrinkles, green tea and tea tree which both contain several antioxidants that helps treat acne, jojoba which hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. With organic seaweed mask, your skin will be kept looking healthy and radiant.

Customized Facial (75 min.) - $135
A Customized facial can address a variety of your needs; anything from prematurely aging and environmental damage skin to acne flare ups, dull and patchy complexion. because your skin is unique, this facial is tailored to your skin type. This facial may include deep pore cleansing, toning, extraction, or more high-tech procedures such as peels, retinol exfoliating treatment or hydrating treatment. Finishing up with a custom mask.

Oxygenating Trio Facial (75 min.) - $135
An oxygenating facial that breathes new life into your skin and makes it glow like it never had before! Beneficial for acne, aging and pigmentation, this facial introduces an intensive detox treatment that stimulates collagen production in the skin cell. Natural ingredients such as niacinamide (vitamin B) and glycolic acid supports skin metabolism, while flushing out hidden toxins beneath the skin’s surface to heal and awaken your skin’s youth.

Vitamin C Hydrating Facial (80 min.) – $135
Well-known for its hydrating and firming properties, Vitamin C efficiently restores and repairs skin, and helps counter the effects of aging and damage from overexposure to sun and other environmental hazards. This facial will include an ultrasonic treatment which uses a Vitamin C-enriched serum with Keratin that is absorbed by your skin to bring back firmness and elasticity while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturize and enhance your skin texture with the Vitamin C facial which will undeniably give your skin a healthy and younger look.

Collagen Anti-Aging Facial (90 min.) –$150
An efficacious and natural process to turn back time for your face, this facial prevents aging and is the perfect choice for those who would like a remedy for exhausted or stressed skin. Take a breather and relax with this soothing facial that comes with an ultrasonic treatment with collagen serum and an intensive gel complex mask; the mask uses collagen molecules to penetrate and restore firmness to your skin, evening and rejuvenating your complexion. Defy age with this anti-aging treatment that will guarantee your skin a refreshed and youthful glow.

Microdermabrasion Skin Peel Facial (75 min.) – $135
With the most recently updated and advanced diamond technology, the Microdermabrasion resurfacing facial primarily treats sun damage, acne scars, enlarged pores, unbalanced skin tone, wrinkles and skin pigmentation. Reveal your natural beauty hiding underneath your epidermal layers and let your skin have that youthful and vibrant complexion with this latest technology.

RF Firming Facial (80 min.) – $150
A safe non-surgical way of slowing the age process, our Radio-Frequency facial will help balance and firm your skin while avoiding the pain of Botox and other adverse anti-aging methods. This procedure diminishes wrinkles and skin laxity, producing an enhanced and revitalized result. Give your skin a smooth and vibrant expression without having to go through any surgery.

Thermal Lifting Facial (80 min.) – $150Restore your skin’s natural radiance and youthful texture with this facial that introduces a new and advanced anti-aging treatment, combining RF (radio frequency) and infrared heat to combat fine lines and aging skin. This technology is called Thermal Radiance Lifting and produces visible results after one single treatment, non-invasive and completely painless. Not only does your fine lines become tone and tightened, collagen will also be renewed at an even quicker pace which is key to bringing resilience back to your complexion. Look and feel years younger, more rejuvenated and luminous!

Oxydermy Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial (80 min. ) - $150
Rediscover the beauty hidden beneath your skin with the new advanced technology of Oxydermy. Designed to help counter the effects of long-term scarring, aging and dehydration, this highly effective treatment integrates microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy to achieve a bright and even complexion for your skin. Now you can have the benefit of two treatments with the Oxydermy facial that will diminish lines and blemishes while hydrating your skin simultaneously. Bring back the glowing and visibly youthful skin you once had with this exceptional treatment.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation Facial (80 min.) – $200
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) are two of the latest technologies using a facial renewal system which is based on heat and non-intrusive light to serve more intense scenarios of wrinkles, aging or blemished skin. Our E-Light Photo Rejuvenation facial will inevitably lead your skin on the road to recovery through the effective non-surgical technology of IPL & RF treatment by balancing the skin tone, reducing wrinkles and enhancing the complexion. Prepared to be amazed at the results your skin will turn out with simply one treatment.

All facials include:

  • Skin consultation
  • Extraction
  • Signature massage ( head, neck & shoulder)

Facial Add-on Mask

Organic Seaweed Mask- $45
Nutrient rich Seaweed Mask detoxes facial pores, purges out toxins, leaves your complexion fresh and pure while seaweeds nourish your skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Potent Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C repair damaged skin and restores elasticity.

Hydrate Oat Milk Mask - $60
Cucumber and arnica flower extract helps soothe redness while oat milk, the key ingredient to this treatment, provides intensive hydration for patchy, dull and fatigued skin. This treatment, especially if added on to a facial, will improve sensitivity and dehydration.

Algo Mask – $45
Hydrate and renew your skin with an Algomask that uses the nutrients of seaweed known for its abilities to restore skin tissue, relieve skin irritation and moisturize your skin. Let nature work its magic!

24 K Gold Anti-Aging Mask –$45
Did you know that gold not only has powerful healing and anti-aging properties, but can also decrease skin irritation and helps firm and tighten skin cells? With our 24 K Gold Anti-aging mask, your skin will look years younger and smoother without any pain.

Collagen Hydrating Mask –45
The Collagen Hydrating mask brightens and hydrates your skin while also promoting anti-aging properties to firm and even your skin tone. Take a breather with this brightening mask which will leave you feeling revived and younger.

Collagen Eye Mask- $25
The Collagen Hydrating eye mask will help reduce any signs of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eye.

Facial Add-on Treatment

BioLife Eye Treatment- $50
Look more awake and energized with this special eye treatment that will help reduce any signs of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eye contour through stimulation and lymphatic drainage. This treatment will make your eyes look as if you had just had a good night’s sleep.

Signature Eye Treatment –$60
Restore the natural beauty to your eyes with our Signature Eye treatment which uses Radio Frequency (RF) and an enriched serum specific to your eyes’ needs that helps diminish dark circles, fine lines, age spots and puffiness.

Thermal Lifting Eye Treatment- $60
Restore the natural beauty to your eyes with our Thermal lifting Eye treatment which uses focus Radio Frequency (RF) and infrared heat to combat fine lines, diminish dark circles and puffiness.

LED Light Therapy Treatment - $45
LED Light Therapy is the use of specific types of light which give off energy that stimulates your cells, to treat acne, wrinkles, facial lines and sun damaged skin.

Ultrasonic Face Treatment – $50
The Ultrasonic Face treatment applies a skin-specific serum to cleanse and tone your skin through ultrasonic waves which enable your blood circulation to flow smoothly and clears away any dirt from your skin. Your skin will feel thoroughly cleansed and refreshed with this soothing treatment.

Chemical Peels

Renew and replenish your skin with an advanced therapeutic treatment by PCA SKIN™ products. Let your skin find its recovery and luminosity with the peels and treatments featured below.

PCA chemical peels are performed by licensed and experienced PCA-certified estheticians. Peels range in intensity from gentle to stronger levels. During consultation, we will recommend you the right peel and treatment plan for you to follow based on your concerns and current skin condition. PCA peels contain AHAs, alphahydroxy acids found in fruit and milk that provide long-lasting moisture for your skin. They are designed to exfoliate, firm, smooth and balance out your complexion, revealing youthful and healthy skin. For desired results, more than one treatment may be necessary.

*Please keep in mind that Jessner and TCA peels do require a professional consultation with an esthetician at least 2 weeks prior to a peel treatment. We want to best prepare your skin for the exfoliation it will go under and also guide you towards a suitable, customized skin routine to avoid any possible complications.

PCA Smoothing Body Peel - $125
If you suffer from breakouts, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring from past breakouts, our Smoothing Body Peel is the answer. This treatment duo provides nourishing ingredients that soften and hydrate the skin’s surface, while TCA, lactic and salicylic acids join together to affect dramatic changes in the skin’s appearance and texture. An excellent choice for treating problem areas on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet. ( charge by part )

PCA Sensi Peel - $100
Introducing a unique peeling option suitable for all skin types, including those with highly sensitive skin - the Sensi Peel brightens and balances out skin tone with a carefully formulated blend of trichloroacetic, lactic and kojic acids along with vitamin C to repair and tighten damaged/aging skin. This is the perfect solution for sensitive, highly reactive skin that are in need of an answer to acne, pigmentation and other acute skin conditions.

PCA Peel (hydroquinone free) - $100
For sensitive skin types that are looking for a treatment to get rid of active breakouts, this is the Jessner’s peel for you. Rejuvenate and clarify your skin with our PCA Peel (HQ-free) that comprises of lactic, salicylic and plant-derived acid to soothe inflammation, eradicate blemishes and promote a healthy, balanced skin tone.

PCA Peel (w/ hydroquinone) - $100
Similar to the our HQ-free PCA Peel, this treatment is perfect for acne-prone skin. What makes this Jessner’s peel even more unique is a key ingredient called Hydroquinone (a natural skin lightener) that works wonders for all types of discoloration.. Erase acne scars and achieve a beautifully purified complexion with this peel.

PCA Peel (w/ hydroquinone & resorcinol) - $100
As the strongest, most potent Jessner’s peel among other PCA peels, this treatment combines a flaking agent called resorcinol with hydroquinone to thoroughly even out skin tone and lighten hyperpigmentation. A great solution for those with severe scarring, age spots and/or pigmentation.

Ultra Peel I ( TCA Peel ) - $100
A peel that specializes in softening fine lines and lift up wrinkles, this TCA Peel will ensure that you age as gracefully as possible! L-Abscorbic Acid, otherwise known as Vitamin C, will strengthen your skin to fend against environmental damage and counter the force of gravity.

Oxygenating Trio - $100
This is an antioxidant therapy to correct and prevent free radical damage as oxidative and environmental stress to the skin is one of the more significant contributors to the aging process. This treatment helps stimulate respiration and circulation within the skin. It helps promote healing and rejuvenates sluggish, stressed skin depleted by toxins, pollutants, allergens, improper diet and solar damage. Acneic conditions also benefit greatly. Appropriate for use between peel treatments or when exfoliation or flaking is not desired. This treatment is also ideal two to three days before a special event. It draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, producing a rosy flush and a rapid warming sensation, resulting in a radiant, healthy look that lasts up to ten days.

Clarify (Salicylic Acid Peel) - $60
Eliminate acne breakouts and purify skin tone with this therapeutic clarifying treatment that implements cherry bark for its superb antioxidant properties and salicylic acid to clear blemishes and prevent pore-congestion.

Revitalize ( Papaya enzymes Peel) - $60
True to its name, this treatment restores and revitalizes dull skin with natural plant and fruit ingredients such as green tea, honey and papaya extracts. Suitable for all skin types, this antioxidant-enriched therapy will leave your skin exfoliated and hydrated at the same time and bring out a natural, radiant glow.

Retexturize ( Pumpkin Enzymes Peel) - $60
Designed to target UV-induced pigmentation, acne breakouts and rough, uneven skin tone, this retexturizing therapy takes advantage of antioxidant and antibacterial ingredients blended with nutrient-enriched pumpkin enzymes to achieve intensive exfoliation and promote smoother, clearer skin.

Esthetique Booster ( Retinol Treatment ) - $60
A plethora of antioxidants combine with lactic acid and vitamin A in this booster to visibly brighten and clarify your complexion. Achieve prime results when adding this treatment to a professional peel or other treatment. This treatment is specifically targeted towards melasma, acne scarring and overall pigmentation.

Ultra II Booster ( Retinol Treatment ) - $60
Vitamins C and A come together in this exfoliating booster to both moisturize and exfoliate the complexion. Most suitable for aging skin types, our Ultra II treatment includes an antioxidant called soy isoflavone to minimize appearance of fine lines and counter dehydration. If you are receiving a peel or other professional treatment, upgrade with this anti-aging booster to achieve even more results.

Detox pore Treatment - $60
This is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. The active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids exfoliates and promotes a purified and clear complexion. This gentle, deep pore cleansing treatment provides clarifying and antioxidants action.


Eyelash Perm – $45
Treat your lashes to an eyelash perm using a harmless curling method to make your lashes stand out, lasting for up to two months with no maintenance.

Eyelash Tint – $25
Try our safe eyelash tinting process which will instantly brighten your eyes, durable for about four to six weeks. You can use a darker shade for the impression of mascara.

Eyebrow Tint – $15
Enhance your eyebrow color with a safe dyeing procedure which lasts from four to six weeks.

Permanent Make Up

This revolutionary method of applying micro insertions of natural pigments into dermal layers of the skin is the perfect solution for people who:

  • Desire the freedom from daily makeup application.
  • Always want to look their best even when they don’t have time.
  • Have allergies to ordinary makeup or sensitive skin.
  • Are physically unable to apply makeup.
  • Don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics during physical activities such as running, swimming or aerobics.
  • Want to feature enhancement that looks natural and not “made up”.
  • Suffer hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns, cosmetic surgery or aging.

The treatment is safe as our equipment complies with all relevant health and safety requirements. All needles are disposable and of the highest quality. Sterilization and hygiene are of the utmost importance before, during and after the treatment. Our highly skilled estheticians have over a decade of permanent makeup experience.

  • Eye Brow $300
  • 3D Eye Brow $500
  • Top Eye Liner $ 350
  • Bottom Eye Liner $250
  • Lip Liner $400